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Packaging & Recycling

When we launched Good Feeding, we had baby’s future in mind. We wanted to design a program and product that is not only superior in quality but also environmental conscious. 

So, from top to bottom we have taken every opportunity to reduce, reuse and recycle materials as well as provide convenient sustainable solutions by partnering with TerraCycle for the items that are not considered ‘curbside recyclable.’ 

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More than packaging...

Our Go Well program might have been designed for baby, but our packaging was designed with Mom in mind... Mother Earth that is. Our packaging team is always working hard to reduce our environmental impact as much as we can while providing quality materials that protect your Go Well product in transit. Everything received in your Go Well shipment is recyclable and made in the USA. 

Boxes and Cartons

Your Go Well by Good Feeding weekly delivery will arrive in a cardboard box that is made from recycled kraft materials and can be easily recycled upon arrival directly in your recycling bin. Before you recycle, REUSE! Don’t forget to put baby in the box and snap a photo with the hashtag #boxboxbaby to take our boxes from kraft to craft! Add some wheels and turn it into a Go Well race-car, or cutting windows for a play house! 

Don't let the bright colors fool you, the weekly Go Well cartons are also completely recyclable and sourced with sustainable forestry practices!


Just like baby, our Go Well products are swaddled to insulate and protect. Each box is packed with care and surrounded by layers of insulation to protect and control temperature during transit. Our insulation is recyclable and made from paper! This means, if you can’t find another use for it, it can be recycled directly in your recycling bin! 

Gel Packs

Our frozen gel packs are re-useable, and the plastic is #4 low-density recyclable plastic. The content is eco-friendly, uses non-toxic refrigerant gel, and is 100% safe for household drains disposal. Ice packs will arrive with each shipment, and can be saved and re-used for picnics, car-trips, or even the occasional headache! If you receive Enviro-Ice in your package, it can also be fed to your plants as plant food. 

Both Enviro-Ice and Nordic Ice Drain Safe™ are non-toxic and safe to pour down household drains.

TerraCycle Program

Industry wide, squeeze pouches pose a hurdle in efforts to recycle, as they cannot be included in curbsides, and it often means they can end up in landfills... and nobody wants that! Thats why we partnered with TerraCycle. 

Included in your first shipment is a TerraCycle envelope. We've prepaid labeled it for your convenience. Throughout your program, just squeeze out any remaining product from the pouch and collect them in the TerraCycle envelope. When the envelope is full, seal it up and drop it in the mailbox! Send us an email and we will send you another envelope.

Once collected by our friends at TerraCycle, the pouches are cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remolded to make new recycled products. Click here to learn more about the recycling process

Go Well by Good Feeding Terracycle Program

Recycling in your Community

Recycling guidelines can vary city to city. We do our best to ensure all of our products are environmentally conscious and curbside recyclable, but so much of it depends on your community! Curbside recycling is not available in all areas, so we recommend you check with your county to be sure.

Recycling Resources




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