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Good Feeding

Our Infancy

The start we all deserve

At Good Feeding we want everyone to live their best lives, by getting things right from the start. Because if we start right we can stay healthy, vibrant and strong. Learning to eat not just to survive but to prosper and thrive.

We’re here to support both parents and healthcare professionals alike, by providing trusted information to educate and shift perspectives on infant nutrition and feeding.  We will empower, by supplying the tools to guide parents on the eating journey right from the very beginning. And we will enable, by simplifying the science and opening up the conversations around eating well. All in an effort to aid the development of positive lifelong eating habits and fight the good fight against childhood obesity.


At Good Feeding we’re all about starting with the best ingredients. And that couldn’t be truer than  when it came to the meeting of our two founders Frances & Phil. The perfect blend of a caring health professional and a disruptive food technologist.

After uncovering what babies were being fed and the alarming levels of childhood obesity, we felt we needed to take action. Follow our first steps from a passion for research and analysis to deciding something needed to be done to support caring moms.

A head for research

Frances spent years working with people to help change their eating habits so they could lead healthier, happier lives. It soon became apparent to her that establishing healthy habits in the first place would be more valuable, effective and far-reaching than trying to change people who were stuck in their ways. The more she researched, the more she discovered that this needed to start with our very first spoonfuls, to set us on the right path for a healthy, productive life.

A hunger for innovation

Phil was a disruptive food innovator at the forefront of developing processes that retained the nutrient density, textures and flavor of baby food without compromising food safety. However, the companies he worked with were focused on producing what was commercially appealing rather than what was best for baby.  – something Phil found hard to swallow.

An idea is born 

Families had become more health conscious and nutritionally aware than ever before, yet babies who need the right food (perhaps more than any other age group) were being ignored.

Assumptions needed to be challenged and the whole approach to feeding needing to change for good. With this in mind, Phil & Frances developed Good Feeding.

A team is formed

Phil and Frances knew they would only be as good as the team they gathered around them. Soon a highly motivated team of caring experienced professionals joined the fold. These included; food scientists, food technologists, microbiologists, nutritionists, pediatricians, parents, communicators and researchers. All of them motivated to support parents and baby throughout the feeding journey.

First steps

Good Feeding was established to be the go-to destination, providing the best research-backed advice to empower the world to choose healthy. We believe every child, every day, everywhere deserves optimal nutrition. Through knowledge and support parents can instill healthy eating habits, setting their children up for life.

We deliver solutions from moving baby from breast milk or formula to flavors and then solids in a way that trains flavor acceptance, healthy preferences and establishes good eating habits while ensuring children are well nourished for optimal growth and development.

Disclaimer: The information provided is the opinion of Good Feeding, it has not been evaluated by healthcare professionals, and is for educational purposes only.  Before starting any new foods or feeding practices, please consult your baby's healthcare professional.

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We’d love to know how you’re finding our resource center. Is it easy to find what you’re looking for? Are the subjects covered in sufficient depth?

If there are any areas you’d like us to explore, or topics you’d like us to expand on, please let us know. It’s all part of ensuring that we’re providing the information and guidance you need.


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