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Extended Content Nutritional needs for a growing bump
Nutrients from mom’s meals during pregnancy influence everything from baby’s growth and brain development, through to baby’s food preferences.
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Extended Content Getting a good gut
Along with being a mom to your little one, whether you realize it or not, you’re also mom to trillions of microbes who are making their home in baby’s gut.
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Extended Content Days 1 - 1,000
The building blocks for baby’s good health are created during the first 1,000 days – from conception until the age of 2.
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Extended Content The fundamentals of food parenting
Food parenting has the power to influence both baby’s short and long-term health and establish healthy eating practices that will last them a lifetime.
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Extended Content Starting safe, staying safe
The early months are crucial to a baby's healthy development. From feeding tips to food allergy advice, this guide will help keep your little bub safe.
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Extended Content Our Infancy
At Good Feeding, we want everyone to live their best lives, by getting things right from the start. Learning to eat to prosper and thrive.
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Video Flavor training video
Additional resources on flavor training for you and your family.
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Video Hunger cues video
Unsure how to recognize or appropriately respond to hunger cues? We've put together this resource for you and your little one.
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Video Manifesto video
We’re here to support both parents and healthcare professionals, by providing trusted information to empower and educate on infant nutrition and feeding.
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Video "I'm full" video
Baby has a number of ways they're communicating to you that they've had enough to eat - are you picking up on all of their cues?
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Blog The pros of probiotics
A healthy microbiome can improve baby’s physical and mental health. Probiotics are a great way to increase the good bacteria in your baby’s gut.
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Blog Why baby's microbiome matters
Microbiome is the microscopic world inside your gut. From conception, a healthy microbiome supports long-term good health. Here's what you need to know.
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Blog The gut-brain connection
Good nutrition and a healthy, diverse microbiome is important for baby’s developing brain.
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Blog Reacting to allergies
Does your baby have a food allergy? Spot food allergies and learn how to navigate baby's dietary requirements.
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Blog The meaning of baby-led weaning
As your baby transitions to solid foods, you have to consider different feeding methods. In this blog, we explain baby-led weaning versus spoon-feeding.
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Blog Easy to digest choking tips
It's normal for parents to feel a bit of stress as they watch their baby tackle their first solid foods. What do you do if your baby starts to choke?
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Blog Pregnancy: Your nutrient necessities
Here's what you need to know about folate, vitamin D, iodine, iron, and protein - the essential nutrients that will support your baby during pregnancy.
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Blog The Good, the Bad and the Sometimes: Your Pregnancy Food Guide
Wondering what you can eat while you're pregnant? Most foods are safe, but there are others that are best limited or avoided to support a healthy mom and baby.
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Blog What is food parenting?
Understanding the fundamentals food parenting styles is vital so that you know where you and baby fit in and how to forge the best path moving forward. 
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Blog Practical food parenting practices
The way you feed your children can influence their eating habits and behaviors for the rest of their life. Learn more about the different practices here.
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Blog Understanding emotional eating
The habit to eat when emotional is developed early in life. You can help your child grow up to make healthy food choices.
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Blog The window of opportunity: What is it?
The first 1,000 days of life provide a window of opportunity that lays the foundations for a lifetime of good health. Here's how you can make the most of it!
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Blog Introduction to flavors and solids
When you introduce healthy foods the right way—and at the right time—your little one can learn to enjoy a variety of healthy flavors.
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Blog Guide to: Baby's first year of food
To kickstart a life of great health, baby needs certain nutrients: this guide is here to help moms and dads navigate this new territory.
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Blog Helping baby's microbiome to thrive
Almost 400 microorganisms inhabit the gut; this diverse and abundant community of microorganisms has a significant impact on the health of an infant.
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Blog What's best for your bump: Trimester by trimester
As baby develops, it’s important to eat the right nutrients. Here we’ll share the essential nutrients needed during each stage of pregnancy.
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Blog In favor of flavor training
The key to raising kids who enjoy healthy foods is to build a diverse palate early on. The first year of baby’s life can shape lifelong food preferences.
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Blog Baby's sensory journey through food
Babies learn and explore using their five senses. Parents can support sensory development by using mealtimes to their advantage.
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Blog Protecting baby (and you) during the pandemic
Becoming a new parent has always been a period of heightened emotions and uncertainty. During the Covid-19 crisis, parents-to-be and new parents face unique challenges, increasing feelings of uncertainty and worry.
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Blog Stress & Anxiety in the Age of Covid-19
People around the globe are facing uncertainty to a degree not felt within most of our lifetimes. No one knows what the state of the world or their lives will be one year from now. From job loss to the loss of family, friends, or personal health, it’s hard not to feel stressed.
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FAQ Gut health FAQ
In the first years of life, baby's dietary requirements change rapidly. A healthy microbiome is essential for digestion, immunity, and cognitive function.
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FAQ Food safety FAQ
The possibility of choking on solid foods, or introducing potential allergens, can be frightening for parents - knowing how to handle these safely is key.
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FAQ Healthcare professional resources FAQ
With up-to-date research on the latest trends in infant nutrition, and cognitive development, we’re here to support you as a Healthcare Professional.
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FAQ Picky / fussy eaters FAQ
Exposure and repetition are the keys to healthy eating habits. As new flavors are introduced, it's normal for infants to be surprised, or even disgusted.
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FAQ Obesity FAQ
Training healthy eating habits can help prevent lifelong obesity - relationships with food developed before the 2nd birthday can remain with baby for life.
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FAQ Baby nutrition FAQ
As baby grows, so do the nutritional demands to support and optimize healthy growth and development, through a diet of varied, nutrient-dense foods.
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FAQ Flavor training FAQ
With the right exposure to a variety of taste experiences, you can build the foundations to develop lifelong healthy food preferences for your baby.
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FAQ Pregnancy nutrition FAQ
During pregnancy and breastfeeding, baby's nutrition is passed on from their mother. Ensure you're providing your little one with all they need to thrive.
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FAQ Allergies FAQ
Introducing potential allergens early, and in a controlled manner, can actually help protect baby against the development of an allergy later in life.
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FAQ Brain development FAQ
Baby's brain is growing faster than any other time in his life, and optimal nutrition is required to support this rapid growth and development.
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FAQ Textures FAQ
Delaying the introduction of a variety of textures can affect development of essential chewing and oral motor skills, and increase food fussiness.
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FAQ Sensory development FAQ
The atmosphere throughout baby's sensory journey of moving to solids is essential to feeling confident to try new things, and build a healthy food relationship.
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