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Go Well by good feeding

go well PRICING


Pricing Structure

The Go Well by Good Feeding Program is a 6 step, 24-week plan taking you and baby from breast milk or formula to complementary feeding, creating an adventurous and brave eater.
The best start for your baby conveniently delivered to you! Our feeding program helps take baby from first flavors through to adventurous eating in six simple steps. Designed to expose infants to different tastes and textures, Go Well helps deliver what’s best for baby and provides peace of mind for you.

First Payment


Includes the first four-week bundle of the Go Well program. This time is all about laying the foundation of Flavor Training and preparing you and baby to move through the Go Well food journey's exciting steps. 

Week 1 includes: 

  • Your Welcome Kit and Getting Started guidance 
  • 7 Go Well pouches 
  • Access to your weekly comprehensive Go Well dashboard 
  • Voucher for a complimentary 15 min consultation with our Good Feeding Dietitian at Week 4 

Weeks 2-4 include: 

  • Go Well weekly in-box guidance.  
  • Weekly delivery of 7 Go Well pouches and one bonus pouch 
  • Weekly program support and updates 
  • Access to your weekly comprehensive Go Well dashboard 
  • Free consultation with our very own Good Feeding Dietitian and Infant Nutritionist 

Biweekly Auto-Renew


In this part of the program we will be introducing food for nutrition and transitioning to thicker purees, broadening the temperature, textures, and flavor base for baby. From week 5 you will be auto renewed (every Sunday) for a biweekly program price of $199. 

Weeks 5 – 24 Include: 

  • Go Well weekly in-box guidance.  
  • Weekly delivery of 14 Go Well pouches and one bonus pouch. 
  • Weekly program support and updates 
  • Access to your weekly comprehensive Go Well dashboard 

Fee Free

Weeks 1 - 24 are all delivered, direct-to-your-door, totally fee-free.

Account Management

Don’t worry, we know things change, if you need to cancel, change or pause your service, No problem. You can manage your subscription through your Good Feeding account prior to the weekly cut-off.

Customer Care

We hope we have everything covered you need to know in our customer care center, if not just reach out to one of our team via chat or arrange a consultation, we try our best to always be available.

Sign up for $299, then sit back and relax! Okay, we know ‘relax’ isn’t really in the new-mom vocabulary, but you won’t be billed again until Week 5 when you and baby are ready to transition to first purees. Week 5-24, you’ll be auto-renewed for your convenience for $199 every two weeks.







Endorsed by Healthcare Professionals

dianakrice (1)

I stand behind Good Feeding because I know how incredibly it is for children to receive not only excellent nutrition in their first few years of life, but for families to cultivate feeding habits that will help children grow up to be competent eaters who enjoy a lifelong healthy relationship with food. Given all of the challenges that mordern parents face,this is no easy task. parents need relatable, expert advice on how to instill good feeding habits into their families' daily lives as well as products they can trust to take some of the work of such a challenging task off their plates.

Good Feeding does just this and I'm so happy that it's available for parents.

Diana K. Rice

Nutrition, LLC, RD, LD, CLEC

The Baby Steps Dietitian

A taste of what you'll discover

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Don’t be weighed down by concerns over heavy metals

As parents, we all want to do what's best for our babies, infants, and children. So, it can be more than a little concerning with the news that our family's youngest members could be at risk from the very thing meant to nurture us all – food. How do we be sure that what we are putting in baby's mouth isn't doing more harm than good?  
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Important News for Babies Approaching 4 months old

4 months of age signals the start of an exciting window of opportunity, that if taken advantage of has the ability to not only transform your parenting journey (and family mealtimes) going forward, but more importantly, your child’s health and wellness potentials for life. 4 months marks the important opportunity to start ‘Flavour Training’!  
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Complementary Feeding vs. Flavor Training

By Diana K Rice, Nutrition, LLC, RD, LD, CLEC In the medical community, there's a clear consensus on when infants should begin complementary feeding: at 6 months old. But despite the AAP, ACOG, AAFP and WHO recommendations being very clear about this timeline, parents often start much earlier. The primary reason that official guidelines push for this 6 month mark is that very early introduction of complementary foods has been shown to reduce breastfeeding's overall duration. The medical community also holds concerns that introducing solids prior to the age of 6 months could increase the risk of choking and aspiration, lead to diarrhea and poor gut health and contribute to the onset of certain chronic diseases later in life, including diabetes and celiac disease. So why is there so much confusion over this?
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Good Feeding is committed to

Partnership for a Healthier America logo

We're on a mission to create not just a healthier America, but a healthier world.  

At Good Feeding, we believe establishing healthy preferences at the very beginning, develops positive lifelong eating practices and fights the good fight against childhood obesity. From healthy beginnings comes healthier lives.
So, we're excited and proud to be partnering with the PHA.